3 things you should do before you start crypto bot trading

You want to start trading in cryptocurrencies, but you don't have the time to make all the trades yourself. Thereby you don't have a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Even then it's still possible to trade in cryptocurrencies if you choose a crypto bot that does the work for you. But before you start crypto bot trading there are a few things you should do.

1. Choose the right crypto bot

Of course you can choose the first crypto bot you see, but maybe that's not the right one for you. Some bots are especially created for starters, while others are better for advanced traders. Maybe you also have some specific wishes, so you should compare bots with each other. And you should also try the crypto bot first. Most of the time it's possible to sign up for a free trial.

One of the best crypto bots out there is Smartcryptobot.com. We can recommend this crypto bot to everyone and especially to starters. It's easy to use, it makes trades within seconds and it can trade multiple cryptocurrencies at once. On their website you can sign up for a free trial.

2. Do your research

A crypto bot has some built-in strategies. The software uses this to decide which trades to make. But it also uses the trading rules that you have set up in the settings. That's why it's recommended to do some research upfront, so you can set up great trading rules.

3. Make your account safe

There are some hackers active in the cryptocurrency market. You don't want them to steal your cryptocurrencies. That's why it's important to choose a crypto bot with a high level of security. It's also smart to set up two factor authentication. This means that you can only log in by filling in one password and a code that's sent to your phone or by filling in two passwords. Also it's important that you'll never share your API key or your wallet with anyone.